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Elkiem has a unique and in-depth understanding of human high performance.

This understanding is born out of over 20 years of research.  Research that was initially driven by an interest in understanding what sets high achieving individuals apart from the rest, and more recently has evolved into a desire to pinpoint and understand the dynamics that exist within certain environments that result in very high performance amongst the individuals within those environments.

Our research encompasses one-on-one interviews with many of the world’s pre-eminent leaders, thinkers, scientists, businessmen and women, sportsmen and women as well as Nobel Prize winners, Samurai Masters and military leaders.  We have also interviewed the leaders of world renowned high performance environments including Harvard, MIT, Juilliard, The Royal College of Music, Military Special Forces and NASA.

The culmination of all of this research is the High Performance Environmental Structure© [HPES©].  The High Performance Environmental Structure is our way of explaining the specific circumstances that trigger improved performance in human beings.